Can I use a va loan to buy land

Can I use a va loan to buy land

Buying land with a VA loan is feasible, however it should be done at the same time with constructing a replacement home. You can’t use a VA loan to buy land by itself – although you plan to make a home later.

At the tip of the day, you’ll use a VA loan to buy land, however it’ll go with some strict stipulations. study these necessities and the way you’ll purchase land with a VA loan.

Between money-saving advantages, like $0 down and no mortgage insurance, veterans and repair members who want to buy a home are going to be hard put to seek out a much better choice than the VA loan.

Using a VA Loan to buy Land

It sounds confusing, however the gist is simple: shopping for solely land? A VA loan won’t work. shopping for land and building on that right away? The VA can permit it. There square measure typically 3 choices if you’re trying to shop for land together with your VA loan benefits:

  • Use a VA loan to finance each the development of your projected home and also the land you plan to make it on at the same time.
  • Buy land victimization is another means of funding. Then use your VA loan profit to fund the development of your home.
  • Buy land and construct your home victimization another means of funding – usually a short-run construction loan. Then, once finalized, finance the development loan into a VA loan.

If you already own land or inherit a parcel of it, you’re liberal to use a VA loan to make upon it. And if you used a unique loan sort to buy the land ab initio, you will be ready to finance once home construction is complete.

Rules for getting Land & Constructing a Property

As with all VA loans, there square measure some explicit necessities you’ll have to be compelled to meet if you propose to shop for land and construct a property victimizing your advantages.

Here square measure the large ones:

  • The property you construct is often not quite four units. every unit should have its own water, sewage, gas, and electricity connections, and you want to board one in all the units as your primary residence.
  • The property should be affixed to a permanent foundation.
  • The property should meet the VA’s minimum property necessities and should go with all federal and native building standards.
  • The land can’t be placed in a very flood or noise zone (airstrip, highway, railroad tracks, etc.).
  • The land can’t be placed close to a lowland, dump, or venturous material facility.
  • The land can’t be at risk of landslides, earthquakes, or alternative earth science instabilities.

Of course, you’ll additionally have to be compelled to have a sound Certificate of Eligibility to be eligible, and your builder is needed to own a sound VA ID.

VA Loans for Land and Construction are not Common

While the VA technically permits it, most lenders don’t provide VA loans for buying land and construction. These sorts of loans square measure typically riskier and, if you are doing notice of an investor that provides one, you will have to be compelled to build a deposit to offset the danger.

You can avoid this by employing a construction loan or alternative funding product to fund your land purchase and residential construction, then finance into a VA loan once the house is constructed. during this state of affairs, you’d then be eligible for the standard, zero-down payment VA loan.

Finding the proper investor

The primary downside you may notice with employing a VA loan for construction is locating an investor UN agency that can permit these sorts of loans for construction. There are not any laws in situ that need lenders to finance construction loans.

You might have to be compelled to strive approaching some completely different lenders before you’ll notice one that’s willing to figure with you on the project.

In some cases, it’s necessary for you to 1st get a standard loan from a community investor or builder for the initial funding, and once construction is complete, finance it beneath the terms found within the typical VA loan.

The best way to make sure that you don’t waste some time applying for funding that isn’t relevant to your home-buying desires is to raise the investor queries right from the beginning.

If you don’t notice what you’re searching for the primary time, do analysis and find an investor available that may provide funding to place you in your dream home once and for all.

Better yet, decide Pine Tree State – I will steer you through the method and assist you notice the proper VA home equity credit at the simplest rate.


The VA home equity credit to shop for land can not be created beneath the VA program for unimproved land with a future intent to enhance.

The loan additionally should be closed before construction begins to permit the money to be allotted to procure the land the house can reside on with the rest placed into an associate written agreement account.

This gives the bank the authority to distribute the funds and ensures that the builder will receive payment throughout construction.

This isn’t solely applicable to those that wish to shop for land that’s purchasable. If you meet the necessities for a VA loan, land that you simply have already got in your possession qualifies for funding beneath the program.

The simple answer as to if you’ll use a VA home equity credit to shop for land is affirmative. It can’t be in a very flood zone, in associate field noise zone, and should be faraway from high V electrical lines or unstable land conditions wherever landslides, sinkholes or earthquakes square measure common.

The Bottom Line

At the tip of the day, you’ll use a VA loan to buy land, however it’ll go with some strict stipulations. It additionally might not be the simplest or most cheap route toward homeownership.

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